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futuristic sci-fi robots at war

Why the future of robots is far better than science fiction imagined

We've all seen the future in science fiction. In the future, robots that move, look, act and think like humans will coexist with humanity, doing jobs and even striking up friendships and relationships with people. In fact, the...

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AWS chief Andy Jassy gets top job at Amazon as CEO Bezos steps down

The surprise announcement that Jeff Bezos will leave later this year and hand over the reins to AWS leader Andy Jassy marks a remarkable rise for Jassy. He began as a marketing manager in 1997 and started AWS in 2003.

Hands protect a globe with a healthcare shield against surrounding viral cells.

How IT is playing a major role in Covid-19 vaccine efforts

As people around the world receive their Covid-19 vaccinations, we look at the role IT has played in the rollout.

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An alternative technology prediction list for 2021

It's a fairly safe bet to assume that 2021 will see a great deal of post-pandemic related technology growth and re-alignment. We know that key areas will include the further growth of hybrid cloud, AI, process automation, data...

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