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Download: Discover 2021's Best Places to Work in IT

Our 28th annual report highlights 100 U.S. employers that offer top benefits, challenging work, and investment in their IT employees through robust training and career development initiatives.

Insider Pro | Computerworld  >  2021's 100 Best Places to Work in IT [COVER]

Best Places to Work in IT 2021

The world of work has changed but what has this meant to job expectations? In our 28th annual Best Places to Work in IT report, we reveal what IT pros really want from their job and which employers are investing in their futures.

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Windows 10 update (and retirement) calendar: Mark these dates

Microsoft is releasing new versions of Windows 10 on a set schedule – and just as regularly retiring older versions from support. Here are all the dates you need to know about.

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AWS chief Andy Jassy gets top job at Amazon as CEO Bezos steps down

The surprise announcement that Jeff Bezos will leave later this year and hand over the reins to AWS leader Andy Jassy marks a remarkable rise for Jassy. He began as a marketing manager in 1997 and started AWS in 2003.

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What businesses will--and won't--give their work from home employees in 2021

The work world has changed. Regardless of how quickly we conquer Covid-19, many of us will not be returning to the office. Here's what that new work from home world will look like.

A handshake between a heavily tattooed and jewelry-laden hand and a hand without jewelry or tattoos.

CIOs: more partners and less vendors

CIOs explain the effect of COVID-19 on partner relationships, and why it's more important than ever to have more partners, and less vendors.

On a mountaintop, a man holds a trophy at sunset. [success / achievement / recognition]

What IT leaders want to achieve in 2021

After a difficult year, IT leaders are looking ahead and hoping for a better 2021, but what's top of their to do list?

A home workspace displays a sign marking the new normal.

Post-pandemic 'new normal': what is it, when will it be here, and what it means for tech jobs

Eventually we'll be safe again and able to predict our futures with more clarity. So what should we expect and how will tech jobs be affected?

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Are retail CIOs ready for the ecommerce holiday explosion?

With Covid-19 still keeping shoppers out of stores, data-driven technology is going to be more critical than ever this year to make sure customers enjoy a seamless path to purchase. But, are retail IT organizations ready for a...

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How did your continuity plan stack up against Covid?

Now that things are stabilizing, it's time to evaluate how well your business continuity plans handled Covid and where you need to make changes.

remote worker / digital nomad

Make way for the new head of remote work

Large organizations are suddenly hiring for a new position that will change your work life forever. Here's what you need to know.

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Why it's unethical for businesses to use Facebook

It's time for all companies to stop using Facebook services, software, hardware and advertising. Here's why.

A hand moves a pawn through a conceptual maze of circuits. [navigating/negotiating/strategy/tactics]

Using pilots within an innovation strategy – CIOs weigh in

Current and former CIOs explain how they're using pilots as part of their innovation strategy.

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Why 'office hours' could help ease the work from home stress

If it’s done right with the right tools, 'office hours' could be a game changer while working from home.

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Should you embrace Google's new business card replacement?

Google is testing a new post-pandemic, no-touch alternative to business cards that lets you add your info to search results when people Google you.

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Achieving consistent vocabulary across business functions

Language is a key component of developing a shared culture, it represents a key determinant for business IT alignment. But how much consistency is there between the language used by IT and their internal and external business...

road to future

Bridging the broadband gap: Connecting the truly last internet mile

Thanks to the coronavirus, we reply on the internet more than ever. By and large, it's held up well, but some underserved areas are suffering more than ever. What is and can be done for internet access beyond the cities?

5G mobile wireless network technology

Is there a private 5G network in your company's future?

The continuing build out of 5G networks has made it available to many users, although expect it to be another 1-2 years before it is ubiquitous. But, there are stopgap alternatives.

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