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Understanding the new pandemic labor landscape: Big Data/IoT jobs, pay, skills and certifications

The sheer amount of data being generated by tens of billions of connected devices has made big data/Internet of Things jobs a hot commodity now and for decades to come. Here's what you need to know to capitalize on it.

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IoT roundup: A wide-scale security flaw and energy-sector botnets

Monitoring water treatment using IoT will become $3.5 billion business.

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Is there a private 5G network in your company's future?

The continuing build out of 5G networks has made it available to many users, although expect it to be another 1-2 years before it is ubiquitous. But, there are stopgap alternatives.

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IoT roundup: Ripple20 effects and mitigations, more COVID-focused IoT, research on risky devices

This week’s IoT news includes the biggest set of IoT vulnerabilities yet, Broadcom’s sell-off of its IoT wing, and a report detailing the riskiest types of IoT devices.

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IoT takes aim at social distancing

How IoT technology can help enforce social-distancing rules by monitoring occupancy in workspaces.

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