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Binary streams across a row of computer displays.
gears orange large efficient automated machine learning automation

artificial intelligence / machine learning / robot reading stack of books

AI will understand the world (so you don't have to!)

Here's a false idea the conspiracy theorists missed: Different AI services are conspiring to dumb us down.

Virtual security technology focuses on the Microsoft Teams logo as someone uses his mobile phone.

Microsoft goes macro on low-code software vision

The code-first purists at Microsoft have worked to provide new layers of low-code software tooling to create a new way of building applications for our future needs - exactly how the worlds of high-code, low-code and perhaps also...

Multiple-exposure silhouettes with data overlay of scientific algorithms and formulas.

It's time to ban news-choosing algorithms

Rise of the machines? Turns out "Skynet" isn't controlling killer robots. It's controlling us.

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