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Abstract binary data overlays an eye containing a reflection of the Microsoft logo.

Microsoft open source lead: what we've learned (so far)

Stormy Peters has a track record of working for and with some of the most prominent open computing groups and organizations around the globe. Joining Microsoft as director of the company’s open source programs office in summer of...

1 network internet connected grid earth power satellite view

Why you should sign up for the Starlink public beta

The future is coming soon from a low-earth orbit satellite near you. Don't be late for the launch.

one businessman floats above a crowd of struggling/failing ballonists

How did your continuity plan stack up against Covid?

Now that things are stabilizing, it's time to evaluate how well your business continuity plans handled Covid and where you need to make changes.

intro linux distros

How Microsoft went from "Linux is a cancer." to "Microsoft Loves Linux."

It's been a long, strange trip but it's always driven by two motives: Making good products and money.

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