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Conceptual image: The migration of birds in flight with an abstract binary overlay.
abstract data flows / data streams

software development / application testing / planning / flow chart / diagram

Firing up rules engines to drive digital twin development

Rules engines and the rules-based formulation of analytics logic can prove useful for IoT digital twin application development, especially in scenarios where data analysts lack object-oriented programming experience. Given the wider...

Virtual security technology focuses on the Microsoft Teams logo as someone uses his mobile phone.

Microsoft goes macro on low-code software vision

The code-first purists at Microsoft have worked to provide new layers of low-code software tooling to create a new way of building applications for our future needs - exactly how the worlds of high-code, low-code and perhaps also...

api application development program apps by ostapenkoolena getty

Inside the API machine room

APIs are the ‘gluing bond’ and connectivity channel between different software application parts and components… so, what tools do we need to build one, what design principles govern their creation and by what measure can we judge an...

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