Coronavirus crisis

CIO's Guide to COVID-19

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Coronavirus crisis

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CIOs the world over have been promoting and driving digital transformation for a decade or more. The COVID-19 pandemic means that for some, years of planning and customer-focused strategy became a critical need overnight.

Few organizations will escape this global human disaster unchanged. Some will disappear, others will emerge stronger, with enhanced customer journeys and products, and leaner, more productive processes and workplaces.

The pandemic and its economic shadow make the work of CIOs more important than ever. Every IT dollar becomes critical, every technology decision a potential game changer.

IDG’s CIO brand is uniquely positioned both to describe this reality for CIOs across the planet, and to provide useful advice for all.

This magazine is our attempt to do that, reflecting the experiences of the thousands of CIOs with whom we interact in every major world market, and sharing their knowledge. Enjoy.

-- Matt Egan, Global Editorial Director, IDG Communications

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