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IT Salary Survey 2020: The results are in

Insider Pro reveals the current salaries for dozens of tech titles, details about IT workers' top concerns, the state of the tech hiring and the tech specialties raking in the biggest compensation.

Insider Pro IT Salary Survey 2020
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The Insider Pro and Computerworld survey of more than 2,200 IT professions reveals salary trends for a wide range of tech job titles from CIO and other leadership roles to middle management to non-management roles.

We share how your job title, experience, gender and region affect your compensation plan. And we did into the challenges facing IT workers today.

We also asked the 913 respondents who identified themselves as managers about their hiring plans are in terms of budget and most-in-demand skillsets. You may not be surprised to read that functions such as application development, security and cloud computing are attractive to hiring managers. But the skills no longer in demand may surprise you.

Compensation, of course, is a big piece of the job satisfaction pie, but not the entire pie. We also asked IT pros how satisfied they are --  not just with salary, but also other factors such as job stability, flexibility, career advancement and more. A large percent said they either actively or passively look for a new job – and they told us why.

Editor's note: thanks to Jen Garofalo, research director at IDG Communications, and April Montgomery, art director at IDG Communications, for their work on the IT Salary Survey.

IT Salary Survey coverage on Insider Pro

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Beth Stackpole pored over research results and finds that compensation is holding strong across the board for tech professionals.  But all jobs are not create equal and certain roles and areas of expertise command higher salaries than others.

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James A. Martin looks at how content (or discontent) are IT professionals with their pay and responsibilities? What matters most to them in their current jobs? Insider Pro research offers answers. 

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Martin also looks at hiring trends based on key findings. In short, 2020 should be a relatively solid year for IT hiring — how solid depends on your tech skills and your location.

2020 Salary Survey -- Get the full data set

After you read about how IT pros’ compensation is trending higher, how hiring expectations are robust and the way IT pros feel about their jobs, you may want to get your hands on critical data to help with budgeting, retention or compensation trends – you’ll need the raw file of our salary survey data. Here’s how.

[ Coming soon: Year-over-year salary comparisons and certifications effect on compensation. ]