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Certifications show that you’re committed to your job, have specific skills and are willing to up your game. Check out our online training courses and guides to top certifications -- all part of your Insider Pro subscription.

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Even if you’ve been working in the technology industry for years, earning an IT certification can have a positive impact on your job status, title and even pay grade. Certifications show that you’re committed to your job, have special skills and are willing to continually up your game with your commitment to keep learning.

Employers like certifications for a lot of reasons: They document your expertise in a technology or business process, they demonstrate a commitment to IT, and they show that you take your professional development seriously.

Yes, certifications can get expensive, however, if you consider that having the right certification can give you an edge, advance your career and validate your skills and knowledge, then they are very worth the investment. Below you'll find guides we’ve created that identify the top certifications in IoT, security, big data and project management.

How Salesforce certifications can boost your career (and where to start)

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Salesforce and its vast ecosystem of partners, consultants and developers will create a whopping $1.2 trillion in revenues and 4.2 million new jobs between 2019 and 2024.

Could getting a Salesforce certification blast your IT career to the next level? Consider these eye-popping stats about Salesforce, which led a seismic technology shift in 1999 when it debuted cloud-based CRM software-as-a-service (SaaS) and a unique collaborative model. Two decades later, research shows that Salesforce and its vast ecosystem of partners, consultants and developers will create a whopping $1.2 trillion in revenues and 4.2 million new jobs between 2019 and 2024. Hot enough for you?

Check out Insider Pro's guide to Salesforce certifications

Top 20 highest-paying tech certifications

Top 20 highest-paying tech certifications Insider Pro
Top 20 highest-paying tech certifications

Which IT certifications offer the most bang for the buck? There are many ways to come at that question. First, there’s a straightforward ranking of the top paying certifications today. Then there’s an analysis of which certifications are increasing in value the fastest, even though they may be starting from a lower base, or be more of a niche certification that doesn’t show up in the big surveys conducted by organizations like Global Knowledge. And there’s a ranking of which certifications are in the most demand from hiring managers.

In this report, we look at certifications from all of these angles.

IoT business certification training

IoT promises a wide range of benefits across all industries.  However, business professionals often have little or no foundation for understanding the components and design decisions that go into an IoT project.

The IoTBIZ certification course is designed for business professionals who want to learn about the business advantages and technical challenges associated with planning and implementing IoT devices and related systems.

This micro-credential is tailored specifically for business leads in project management, marketing and sales who are seeking to grow their organization through technology solutions.

Check out Insider Pro’s partnership with CertNexus and become a certified IoT business leader.

Guide to top security certifications

Cyberattacks against enterprise networks are on the rise, and the bad guys, from solo actors all the way up to nation states, show no signs of easing up anytime soon. This means security professionals are in demand, and those with the right certifications are in even higher demand.

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Guide to cyber security certifications. 

To help you decide which security certifications are for you, we’ve compiled a list -- broken down by category (entry-level, intermediate and advanced). It’s time to put on that white hat, get certified and make the move into a high-paying security position. Check out our guide to top security certifications.

Guide to top project management certifications

Time-sensitive digital transformation projects in which the very survival of the company is at stake are on the rise. The historically high failure rates for IT projects are no longer acceptable, project management success is more critical than ever.

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Download our guide to project management certications. 

The bar for project management has been raised to go beyond simply getting the train into the station on time. A successful project also has to be well received by all stakeholders and deliver measurable business benefit. All of this means that skilled and experienced project and program managers are in-demand, and having the right certification matters more than ever. Check out our guide to top project management certifications.

Earn your IoT security certification

Cybersecurity for IoT is different than traditional cybersecurity. It’s not simply IT or OT, cloud or device security, it’s about data in motion and a landscape of security challenges across an entire ecosystem. Upskilling and validating the skill levels of your IT and OT departments in IoT security removes barriers to safe, successful IoT implementations.

The IoT Security Practitioner course is designed for staffers and business leaders who are seeking to demonstrate a vendor-neutral, cross-industry skill set that will enable them to design, implement, operation and manage a secure IoT environment.

Self-paced and mentor-supported, the IoT Security Practitioner course is free to Insider Pro subscriber.

Guide to top big data certifications 

Whether you’re a veteran IT manager looking to jumpstart your career, a young IT pro who wants to advance to the next great opportunity or an executive on the business side who wants to help the company optimize its business intelligence (BI) capabilities, all roads lead to big data.

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If you’re taking the long view in terms of your career path, the big data explosion shows no signs of slowing down. The key to snagging a job is obtaining a big data-related certification to demonstrate that you have the requisite skills. Check out our guide to top big data certifications.

Guide to top cloud certifications

It seems like everything is moving to the cloud these days – servers, storage, applications, devops, internet of things (IoT) data, advanced analytics -- you name it, it’s happening in the cloud, either in a public, private or hybrid cloud environment. When it comes to the most in-demand skills and the most job openings, the cloud is the place to be. 

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Guide to cloud certifications. 

A cloud certification can catapult you to the upper echelons of the IT pay scale. So, maybe it’s time for your career to make the jump to the cloud as well. We look at programs designed for AWS, Google and Microsoft services -- as well as vendor-neutral certifications. Check out our guide to top cloud certifications.