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With nearly 75 billion IoT devices expected to be deployed worldwide by 2025, the IoT ecosystem of sensors, cloud connectivity and advanced data analytics has the potential to help bring about incredible economic growth.

Organizations that build a culture of collaboration, expertise and understanding of IoT will be well-positioned to benefit from the $475 billion in market growth that is expected to occur over the next few years. But do your business stakeholders, decision makers and project managers possess the knowledge they need to succeed in the new IoT-centric world?

An estimated 60 percent of global respondents to a survey conducted by Cisco said that IoT initiatives oftentimes look good on paper, but prove more difficult to implement than expected.

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And more than half of businesses in a recent survey stated that the underlying reason for the success of an IoT project was effective collaboration between IT and business stakeholders.

To help organizations succeed in their IoT-based endeavors, IDG Insider Pro and CertNexus are teaming up to offer business leaders a streamlined course and associated credential to boost collaboration and drive informed business decisions related to IoT strategy. 

Candidates for the IoTBIZ certification will learn IoT terminology so they can understand the components of IoT infrastructure, uncover challenges that need to be addressed, and gain an understanding of the impact that IoT can have on the organization. Successful participants will be able to identify new IoT-based business opportunities and will be able to spot the business and technical challenges, so their organization can avoid the pitfalls and reap the full benefits of IoT.

 Meet CertNexus

CertNexus is the global purveyor of vendor neutral, emerging technology certifications and micro-credentials for IT, business and security professionals.

CertNexus exams meet the most rigorous development standards, which outline a global framework for developing personnel certification programs to narrow the widening skills gap. CertNexus partners with highly knowledgeable and talented industry experts to ensure the integrity and quality of each exam, with many conforming to the stringent American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard.

Why are certifications important?

The value of certifications and micro-credentials to both companies and individuals is increasing as the pace of technology quickens. Certifications help employers identify prospective new hires, evaluate job performance and invest in staff by directing professional development opportunities.

For an individual, certifications provide assurance that they have the competency to be successful with the latest technologies, demonstrates that they are committed to their profession and assists in getting assigned to coveted projects.

With micro-credentials, organizations can ensure that business leaders and project managers have the necessary knowledge to lead projects and make informed decisions. Whether providing introductory information, a deeper dive in a specialized area or compliance training, micro-credentials are right-sized for the need, which is validating focused knowledge.

Why should business professionals take the IoTBIZ course?

IoT promises a wide range of benefits across all industries. Data can be collected in extraordinary volume and new data analytics tools have been optimized for the massive amounts of data that IoT produces, enabling well-informed business decision to be made quickly.

However, business professionals often have little or no foundation for understanding the components and design decisions that go into an IoT project.

IoTBIZ is designed for business professionals who want to learn about the business advantages and technical challenges associated with planning and implementing IoT devices and related systems.

This micro-credential is tailored specifically for business leads in project management, marketing and sales who are seeking to grow their organization through technology solutions.