Peer product reviews: IT pros evaluate 7 enterprises offerings

These downloadable reports offer objective user-contributed product evaluations to help IT decision-makers navigate the tech purchase process.

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The internet has changed the way IT leaders make buying decisions. Decision-makers now rely on ratings and review sites to see what other real users think before we buy just about anything. However, in the world of enterprise technology, most of the information online and in your inbox comes from vendors when what you really want is objective information from other users.

These IT Central Station PeerPaper Reports provide technology professionals with user-contributed information that is objective and relevant.

PeerPaper Report: Top Considerations for Choosing an Endpoint Management Platform

With serious cyberthreats like WannaCry and Petya on the rise, enterprises are focusing more intensely on keeping Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux PCs, laptops and servers continuously compliant with patching security policies. Board members, supply chain partners and high-value clients are demanding it. To accomplish this goal, companies are turning to next-generation Endpoint Management Platforms (EMPs), also referred to as Client Management Tools. These platforms reduce the time between detection and remediation of configuration issues, regardless of OS, location or connectivity.

bigfix IT Central Station

Big Fix

What does it take to find the right EMP? IT Central Station members offer their suggestions based on customer experiences with HCL BigFix, emphasizing scalability, automation, role-based access control, high first-pass success rates and instant visibility into all endpoint configurations, regardless of OS and network status.

PeerPaper Report: Guide to Selecting a Workflow Orchestration Product

Business initiatives like digital transformation invariably require multiple IT systems to operate together in choreographed workflows. IT is being tasked with implementing increasingly complex workflows that span multiple platforms, data sources and development methodologies. To handle these requirements, IT departments are turning to workflow orchestration tools. Though not new, these tools have grown more sophisticated in recent years.

control m IT Central Station

Control M

Modern best practices and selection criteria are emerging. This paper explores how IT managers can leverage these practices and selection tips to get the best workflow orchestration results. It is based on reviews by IT Central Station members, sharing their experience with Control-M, BMC’s workflow orchestration product.

PeerPaper Report: Top 10 Considerations When Choosing a Privileged Access Management Solution

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is essential for robust cybersecurity and effective regulatory compliance, it is a critical element of any organization’s security strategy. PAM is all about governing the access rights of highly privileged users, both human and non-human, who can administer key systems and applications—and potentially wreak havoc on a company’s security posture if they are impersonated by attackers or malicious insiders.

peerpaper access management solutions IT Central Station

CyberArk Privileged Access Security (PAS)

Several powerful PAM solutions are now on the market. Which one is right for your organization? To answer this question, IT Central Station members offer their top 10 considerations when choosing a PAM solution. Their insights are based on their experiences with the CyberArk Privileged Access Security (PAS) solution.

PeerPaper Report: How to Take Business Process Modeling to the Next Level

Accuracy and thoroughness are critical to success with business process

automation. Automating processes that are not well understood, contain

errors or hidden gaps inevitably leads to problems. Maturity levels in business process modeling range from paper and ink to the use of highly sophisticated modeling software. Each organization must determine what will work best for its level of process modeling maturity. However, given how most organizations want to move up the maturity scale in process modeling, the best practice is to work with a modeling tool that is sophisticated, yet easy to use — and one that can enable increasingly advanced functionality over time.

peerpaper business process modeliong IT Central Station

IBM Blueworks Live

What’s the right choice? This paper offers insights from IT Central Station members who adopted IBM Blueworks Live. Based on their reviews, it explores how factors like collaborative capabilities, version control, process repositories and integration potential drove their decisions.

PeerPaper Report: Best Practices for Enterprise Cloud Storage Management

Can the public cloud meet the storage needs of the enterprise? Today, the answer is definitely “yes.” While the idea of cloud storage is nothing new, IT managers are finally getting to use enterprise-grade cloud storage solutions. Enterprise cloud storage comes with its own share of novelty and challenges, however. Best practices are emerging to help storage professionals get the most from their enterprise cloud storage.

peeppaper ent cloud storage mgmt IT Central Station

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

This paper explores such best practices, based on user reviews of NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP published on IT Central Station. Areas of focus include architecting for High Availability (HA) and focusing on data protection, as well as leveraging automation tools and storage efficiency features that drive cost savings. File shares, hybrid architecture and cloud migration also figure into best practices for enterprise cloud storage management.

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP IT Central Station

PeerPaper Report: User Reflections on a Multicloud-Enabled Infrastructure

Major shifts in IT, such as the move to digital transformation and the need to meet demanding requirements of enterprise application workloads, are putting pressure on IT managers to seek new infrastructure solutions. Organizations routinely expect IT to handle diverse enterprise workloads along with new, resource-intensive data analytics. The converged architecture of FlexPod offers a solution.

peerpaper multicloud enabled infrastructure IT Central Station


To bring real FlexPod user experiences to life, this paper draws on reviews from IT Central Station. It delves into users’ points of view on FlexPod’s performance as well as its ability to continue to deliver innovation through flexibility. It explores the cost savings and ROI aspects of the solution along with operational and management factors. An example of a FlexPod upgrade is also provided. Reviewers further discuss the role of trust in selecting a converged infrastructure solution that can support a multicloud experience.

PeerPaper Report: 10 Key Selection Factors for Network Monitoring Solutions

Networks sometimes conceal traffic anomalies and bottlenecks that impede

the proper functioning of enterprise IT. Network problems can quickly turn into business problems, as critical systems slow down and people find it hard to get work done.

peerpaper network monitoring solutions IT Central Station


Network monitoring solutions are designed to bring such hidden network problems out into the light of day, they offer an answer, providing visibility into the far-reaches of the network. They issue alerts and create reports on the most subtle but potentially dangerous network performance problems. What’s the right network monitoring solution? Statseeker users offer their perspectives in reviews on IT Central Station.