10 most-read articles on Insider Pro this week

What are your colleagues – or your competitors – reading on Insider Pro? These are our 10 most popular articles this week.

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Insider Pro has existed only for a few weeks, but we’re already seeing some articles emerge as our staples of our coverage. In case you haven’t had a chance to check in every day, we’ve pulled together this list of the 10 most popular articles for the week of August 5.

Here's what happens when an Office 365 subscription expires

If you're using Microsoft's cloud-based Office 365 and the subscription lapses, here's how much time you have to renew — or back up your data and move on.

Windows 10 update (and retirement) calendar: Mark these dates

Microsoft is releasing new versions of Windows 10 on a set schedule – and just as regularly retiring older versions from support. Gregg Keizier tracks all the dates you need to know about through Windows 7's retirement in 2020 and beyond.

State of the cloud in 2019

The cloud is the perennial metatrend of enterprise tech, yet it remains poorly understood. Eric Knorr peeks under the hood and highlights today’s real benefits.

How Windows 10 users can upgrade on their schedule, not Microsoft's

Now that Microsoft has changed the way Windows upgrades are rolled out, it's possible for users to delay updating – within limits. Gregg Keizer helps you decide what to do.

Guide to top security certifications

Security professionals are in demand and with the right certification, you’re in even higher demand.  To help you decide which certs are for you, Neal Weinberg compiled a list of top security certifications -- broken down by category (entry-level, intermediate and advanced).

Reviewing endpoint protection products (and picking the Top 10)

As you add more and more smartphones, laptops, tablets and other wireless devices that need to connect into your network remotely, how do you ensure you're secure?  Download this report to evaluate the best options.

IoT Sector Report: How to prepare for tech’s Wild West

Startup specialist Jeff Vance’s special bulletin investigates how tech giants are investing their IoT dollars, where VC money is going and risks enterprises must contend with in this chaotic market.

Inside Hyperconvergence: Combining compute, storage and networking

What is hyperconvergence and how do the latest breakthroughs in hyperconverged infrastructure make it a flexible IT framework for small and large enterprises alike.

The role of next-gen firewalls in an evolving security architecture

As the commercial enterprise firewall approaches its 30th birthday, it is hard to overstate how dramatically the product has evolved. This 2,700-word research report looks the current state of next-generation firewall technology.

How to create a mobile policy for Android devices

Android has become a viable enterprise platform and in some ways is beating Apple in terms of enterprise functionality. Ryan Faas outlines how IT departments supporting Android devices can create and implement effective policies.