5 cybersecurity jobs with the highest salaries in 2019

Why cybersecurity is one of the highest paid specialization areas in tech…and the five highest paid cybersecurity roles for 2019.

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As our reliance on data continues to expand, so does the prevalence and likelihood of more advanced, successful cyberattacks. One look at Bloomberg News’ recent analysis of over 200 major breaches portrays the severity of what’s at risk for businesses, especially those in the Technology sector. The weaponization of AI by hackers will only increase the effectiveness and frequency of attacks, which is why companies across all industries are hiring for high-end cybersecurity talent now.

There’s currently a 25 percent gap between demand for qualified cybersecurity experts and available talent, according to a recent Capgemini study. And it gets worse. Cybersecurity Ventures reports a projected shortfall of 3.5 million cybersecurity experts as soon as 2021.

Today, businesses will do anything to secure their most vulnerable assets from cyberattacks, which means salaries for top talent continue to rise. Find out the highest-paid cybersecurity roles for 2019 and the rates you’ll need to offer if you plan to hire for these skill sets in the future.

5. Cybersecurity Engineer

One of the more versatile roles with a wide array of potential responsibilities depending on the company’s needs, cybersecurity engineers earn between $110,000 to $165,000 on average, according to Mondo’s 2019 Salary Guide. If you’re considering hiring for this in-demand role, expect pay rates to come down to the candidate’s previous environments. If they are coming from large environment with strong security or a Fortune 500 background, then candidates will expect a salary toward the high end of the average and pass on opportunities unable to meet this given the high demand for their niche skill sets.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider which types of tools they are working with when determining salary offers. If you’re looking to hire a cybersecurity engineer specializing exclusively in Splunk, then this would drive their rate up considerably as framework or tool-specific talent is even more limited.

4. Network Security Engineer

Determining the value of protecting your network and addressing existing threats and vulnerabilities is key when considering hiring network security engineers. This highly paid role nets between $115,000 to $172,500 on average. Similar to cybersecurity engineers, the price point for this talent group is determined by the environment they are coming from.

3. Application Security Engineer

Rounding out the core engineering roles in this list, the application security engineer is another of the highest-paid cybersecurity roles. On average, these engineers earn between $120,000 and $182,500 annually. As companies expand the number of applications they rely on, the number of potential vulnerabilities increases as well which is what continues to drive this salary even higher. For this role specifically, the candidate’s skill set determines their pay rate, so expect to pay a premium for talent versed in the most in-demand technologies and programming languages.

2. InfoSec Manager

InfoSec managers make on average $120,000 to $185,000. It’s clear that supply and demand is one of the main drivers for the high salaries afforded to cybersecurity experts, which is also the case with this role. Data is one of the most valuable assets hackers look to exploit. So much so that more than 4.5 billion data records were compromised in the first half of 2018 alone. As hackers weaponize AI to make attacks more frequent and effective, it will be up to your InfoSec department to protect your most vulnerable asset: private customer and business data.

Considering a significant hack can bankrupt even the most successful businesses, it’s crucial you offer a competitive rate when looking to expand or elevate your InfoSec team.

1. DevSecOps

A newer addition to cybersecurity specialization areas, DevSecOps emerged from the need for businesses to increase the efficiency of their DevOps teams by shortening feedback loops, improving security through shared responsibility, reducing incidents, and minimizing headcount overlap. Following a surge in popularity of businesses transitioning from DevOps to DevSecOps at the end of 2018, DevSecOps engineers now net an average salary ranging between $120,000 to $190,000 or more, depending on experience level and specific skill sets. Considering how new this niche specialization area is, hiring managers should expect qualified talent to command top rates and be in short supply, which in turn will likely continue to drive rates even higher for the remainder of 2019.

Cybersecurity remains one of the highest paid specialization areas within tech. Until a qualified talent pipeline capable of matching current and future demand for these experts becomes reliable, salaries will continue to rise, and companies will remain in bidding wars with competitors to net the niche, high-end professionals they need to secure their organization.

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